Duke-Tag! is an exciting new way to compete in multiplayer
games of Duke Nukem 3d. It combines the thrill of Dukematch
and the excitement of cooperation with teammates.

Duke-Tag! is built into the final map of the Duke Nukem
3d Atomic Edition (Episode 4, Level 10).
Note that Episode 4, Level 10 is a fully functioning Solo
Play map, a normal Dukematch arena, and a Duke-Tag! game.

This game is playable over a network, through your modem
when using multiplayer or on-line services like T.E.N. (Total
Entertainment Network).

To activate Duke-Tag!, one player must trigger the "Duke-Tag!"
switch found in the Starting Box only in Multiplayer mode.
Note that at least 4 players are required for Duke-Tag!
After the Duke-Tag! switch is activated, the players will
be obstructed from either Combat Fort for about 45 seconds.
During this time, players may gather weapons and prepare
themselves for the game. If players are remotely dialing
an on-line gaming service (such as T.E.N.) gamers may use
the multi-play chat functions to choose teams, and develop
strategies before the game starts.

Players: Duke-Tag! requires a minimum of 4 players
and a maximum of 8 Players are divided as equally as
possible into two teams - Brown and Green. In games with
an odd number of players, the odd man can be the "Equalizer"
who's goal is to kill the players on both teams to prevent
either team from scoring.
Each team must contain at least one each of two
distinct types of player - a Runner and a Flyer. Extra
players may take on the roles of Defenders and Attackers.
Players may switch roles at any time during the game, but
must always stay on the same teams. Remember, though, that
each team must always have at least one Runner, and one Flyer.
The various player types are described in detail

Object: To score 5 points for your team by
maneuvering your Duke into your team's scoring zone. In
order to score, the Runner will be required to gather the
Protective Boots from his or her team's Combat Fort and
make a Lava Run to the scoring zone. In order to gather
the Protective Boots, his or her teammate must unlock the
gate that blocks the boots by activating a switch located
in the opposing team's Combat Fort. However, the Boot
Gate Switch is located high in the air, so a Jetpack must
be utilized by the player (from now on referred to as the
"Flyer"). The Jetpacks are located in the central pillars
of both Combat Forts and are opened with the Jetpack
Switches in the opposing Combat Fort.

Quick Rules:

A. Teams Pick Colors
B. Brown Team's Runner goes to brown Combat Fort to hit
Jetpack Switch. Green Team's Runner goes to green Combat
Fort to hit Jetpack Switch.
C. Brown Team's Flyer goes to green Combat Fort to get
Jetpack. Green Team's Flyer goes to brown Combat Fort to
get Jetpack.
D. Brown Team's Flyer hits the Boot Gate Switch in the
green Combat Fort. Green Team's Flyer hits the Boot Gate
Switch in the brown Combat Fort.
E. Brown Team's Runner gets the Protective Boots and
teleports to the green Combat Fort. Green Team's Runner
gets the Protective Boots and teleports to the brown Combat Fort.
F. Together Brown Team's Runner and Flyer exit the green
Combat Fort and make their way to the Lava Run entrance.
Green Team does the same from the brown Combat Fort.
G. Each team's Runner navigates the Lava Run and jumps
through their respective Scoring Zone teleporters.
H. A point is scored for each team that successfully
completed their run, and the process is repeated until
one team has score 5 points and a win is indicated.

Note: Throughout the game, players are encouraged to
prevent opposing team players from reaching their goals
using whatever weapons and methods are possible from
within the game. Frag away!

Detailed Rules:

Map: The map is comprised of four main areas.

1. Starting Box: All players will begin and re-
morph in the starting box. In this area you'll find
several weapons and a switch which will activate Duke-
Tag! in multiplayer mode only. Within the Starting Box
is a group of teleporters which will transport the
players to either the brown or green side of the Lava
Run. After dying or scoring, players will remorph inside
the Starting Box.
2. Lava Run: In the center of the map is a huge
field of purple lava that is more destructive than any
other lava in the game. Without Protective Boots, it
is impossible for a player to traverse the distance of
the Lava Run and survive. At the farthest end of the Lava
Run is the entrance to the Scoring Zone.
3. Scoring Zone: In this area, players will find
a teleporter for each team color. Stepping through the
teleporter will score a point for each respective team.
Each team's Scoring Zones will not open until that team
has gathered the Protective Boots from their own Combat
Fort. The Scoring Gate will only remain open for about a
minute after the boots have been gathered, so players
must move quickly to score.
4. Combat Forts: On each side of the Lava Run is
a Combat Fort - one brown, and one green. In each fort
is a locked gate that contains a pair of Protective Boots,
a switch that will unlock the Boot Gate in the opposite
fort, a hidden Jetpack, and a switch which will unlock the
Jetpack in the opposite fort. Below the Combat Forts is a
vast underwater section that contains a Safety Box that
players will be transported to after gathering the Protective
Boots from their home Combat Fort.

In addition to the main areas, there are other notable
functions built into the map:

A. Scoring Indicators: Throughout the map there are
indicators in brown and green that indicate each team's score.
B. Direction Indicators: Near the exit to each fort in
the Lava Run area there are directional arrows colored Green
and Brown that will reveal themselves when a team is making
a scoring run. The arrows are pointing in the direction of
the entrance to the Lava Run itself.
C. Gate Indicators: In each Combat Fort, and near the
opening of the Lava Run there is a "Gate Open" indicator for
each team that will reveal itself when that team has gathered
the boots and thus opened their Scoring Gate.
D. Team Wins!: When one of the two teams has earned 5 points
an indicator will reveal itself near the opening of the Lava
Run that the brown or green team has won the game. At that
time, a Nuke Switch will lower itself. When activated, the
Nuke Switch will reset Duke-Tag! for another game.
E. Sound Cues: Several Sound Cues will activate
throughout the game indicating many important actions players
can complete. You'll hear sounds when a player grabs the
Protective Boots, or when a team has scored. Listen carefully
for these sounds and change your mode of attack or defense
based on what your opponents are doing.

Also, there are a number of very important switches and
gates that must be used to successfully score points in

A. Boot Gate: Each Combat Fort contains a gate behind
which are the precious Protective Boots each team requires
to make their Lava Runs. Each team must gather their boots
from the Combat Fort which matches their team color. The
green team, for example, must send its Runner to the green
Combat Fort to get the Protective Boots from behind the
Boot Gate.
B. Boot Gate Switch: Each Combat Fort also houses a
switch which will temporarily unlock the Protective Boots
in the opposite Combat Fort. It is the Flyer who will trigger
this switch after he or she gathers the Jetpack. The brown
team, for example, would send its Flyer to the green Combat
Fort to hit the Boot Gate Switch.
C. Jetpack Pillar: In each Combat Fort is a central
pillar which contains a hidden Jetpack. It is required that
each team's Flyer gather a Jetpack to trigger the elevated
Boot Gate Switch.
D. Jetpack Switch: In order to gain access to a Jetpack,
one player must trigger the Jetpack Switch in the opposite
Combat Fort than that in which the Jetpack is desired. For
example, if a player wishes to gather the Jetpack in the
brown Combat Fort, the Jetpack Switch must be activated in
the green Combat Fort. Each Combat Fort's Jetpack Switch
allows access to the Jetpack in the opposite Combat Fort.
E. Scoring Gate: At the end of the Lava Run are a
pair of Scoring Zones. These zones are secured by a Scoring
Gate. The Scoring Gate is automatically opened when a
player gathers the Protective Boots. So, for example,
gathering the Protective Boots in the green Combat Fort
will open the Scoring Gate for the Green Team and likewise
for the Brown Team. Note: After the Protective Boots are
gathered and the Scoring Gate is opened, the gate will close
after about one minute elapses. Players must gather the
boots and complete their score before the time runs out.
If time runs out, the team must again gather the Protective
Boots to re-open the Scoring Gate (even if the Runner
already has a set of boots).
F. Safety Box: After gathering the Protective
Boots, players will be transported to the opposing team's
Combat Fort into a Safety Box. This box, found underwater,
is surrounded by a force field. The box will only be open
when a player has grabbed the Protective Boots and will
close after time has elapsed or when the team has
successfully scored.

Duke-Tag! Players:

1. The Runner: The Runner is the player that will gather
the Protective Boots and navigate the Lava Run to the Scoring
Zone. Each team must have a Runner.
2. The Flyer: This player will gather the Jetpack
and open the Boot Gate for his or her teammate. It is often
good practice for the Flyer to defend and protect his or her
teammate as the Runner makes the Lava Run to the Scoring Zone.
Each team must have a Flyer.
3. Attacker: Optionally, in games with more than
four players, some may opt to become Attackers. It is the
Attacker's goal to make sure the opposing team does not score.
Typically, the Attacker will shadow the opposing team's Runner
or spend large amounts of time patrolling the Lava Run entrance.
Often, all players on a team will temporarily take on the role
of the Attacker when it is known that the opposing team has
gathered the boots and is making a Lava Run.
4. Defender: Also, when enough players are
present, some of the gamers may choose to become Defenders.
The Defender will become the Runner's "bodyguard." Knowing
that scoring depends solely on the Runner's survival, the
Defender will use any means available to keep the Runner
alive. If there are Attackers in the game, this may be a
difficult task, especially since only the Runner with his
Protective Boots can survive the Lava Run. Often, the Flyer
will temporarily take on the role of the Defender when his
or her team's Runner has gathered the Protective Boots, and
begins his or her Lava Run.
5. Equalizer: Optionally, odd players can choose
to not affiliate themselves with either team. Their only
goal is to patrol the Combat Forts and the Lava Run and kill
anything in sight. It is sometimes fun to give the Equalizer
a separate goal, such as keeping either team from scoring
in a certain time limit, or gathering more frags than the
other players combined. Note: that it is also possible to
use odd players to help balance unfair teams. If a pair of
extremely skilled Duke-Taggers can't be beat, try ganging
up on them with 3 or more players on the opposite team!

Game Mechanics and Other Rules:

1. Pre-map: At the start of the game, both
Combat Forts are blocked and the map is set for Solo or
Dukematch mode. When the Duke-Tag! switch is activated
several things happen.

A. A timer is activated which will open access to the
Combat Zones after about 45 seconds.
B. All Score Indicators are opened.
C. The Boot Gate Switch, the Jetpack Switch, and the
Boot Gates are revealed in each Combat Fort.
D. Solo play areas are blocked.
E. All Gate Open indicators are prepared for activation.
F. All Direction Indicators are prepared for activation.

2. Protective Boots: When a player steps over the
Protective Boots, several things happen throughout the map.

A. The Boot Gate is closed behind the player. The gate
will remain closed for about 1 minute.
B. The Scoring Gate is opened for that team. The Scoring
Gate will remain open for about 1 minute.
C. The Direction Indicators are opened for that team.
These arrows will remain open for the duration of the team's
Lava Run. When time elapses the Direction Indicators will close.
D. Several Gate Open Indicators will reveal themselves.
These indicators will remain exposed until time runs out
(1 minute).
E. A wall surrounding the underwater Safety Box will open
revealing that a player will soon (almost instantly) be
teleporting through. This wall will remain open for the
duration of the Lava Run.

3. Scoring Zone: When a player passes through the
Scoring Gate and into the Scoring Zone, several things occur.

A. Each Score Indicator throughout the map will add one
point to that team's score.
B. On the fifth pass through the Scoring Zone two special
things happen. (1) A "Team Wins" indicator will reveal
itself, and (2) a "Reset Duke-Tag!" Nuke Button will
reveal itself.
C. The player who scored will be transported to the
Starting Box.

4. Combat Forts: There are several functions in
each Combat Fort.

A. When a Jetpack Switch is activated in one Combat Fort,
the Jetpack pillar will raise in the other Combat Fort.
This pillar will remain open for about 4 seconds and will
not crush the player if they are standing under it when it
closes. The switch may be reactivated as often as the
players wish
B. When a Boot Switch is activated in one Combat Fort, the
Boot Gate will open in the other Combat Fort for about 3
seconds. This switch may be reactivated as often as the
players wish.
C. When a player steps on the ledge in front of the
Protective Boot room, the door will split open and the
window shutters to the outside will open. The window
shutters will always remain open, but (after originally
opened) the split door may be opened and closed at any
time by activating the door normally.
D. When a player gathers the Protective Boots, he or
she will be transported to the opposing Combat Fort into
that fort's Safety Box. The box walls will have been
opened and the player will have a great view of the
underwater area of that Combat Fort.

Tips for Successful Duke-Tag!

1. Be Unpredictable: Players who always
approach the Combat Forts using the same entrance are
easily defeated. Remember, there are three ways to
enter each Combat Fort: From the back door chute, the
front door, or the underwater pool.
2. Communicate: Develop codes with which
you can easily communicate with your partner using
Multiplay Chat. You must always let your partner know
when you're ready for the Jetpack Switch, the Boot Switch,
or are making a Lava Run and need assistance.
3. Balance Offense and Defense: When the opposing
team is about to make a Lava Run, go on the defensive!
Fill the Safety Box with pipe bombs or shower a Lava Run
ramp with Devastator ordinance!
4. Be Preemptive: When the opposing team
is preparing to get the Protective Boots, try dumping a
few RPG rounds into the Boot room. If you're the Runner,
you might fill the Boot Switch area in your fort with
pipe bombs and wait for the other team's Flyer to come
along and suck it down!
5. Listen for Sounds: The sound cues provide
important feedback as to what your opponents and
teammates are doing. When you hear a sound indicating
that your partner has grabbed the Protective Boots
(team running), be prepared to provide cover as he or
she comes in through the Safety Box.
6. Hold the Combat Fort: If your opponents can't
get inside, they can never score!
7. Team up on Better Players: If you find it
impossible to penetrate a secured Combat Fort alone,
have your teammate come with you to gang up on the
lone defender.
8. Know the Map: Learn the locations
of all the weapons, the armor, and the health canisters
found throughout the map.
9. Use the Cameras: You may use the Security
Cameras in the center overpass to check out each
Combat Fort and their main entrances. Find out where
the Combat Fort's defender is camping before you charge.
10. Use the Conveyors: On defense, you can out
run the Runner from the outside by riding a conveyor
belt. Use this speed advantage to take out the Runner
before he or she scores.
11. Split your Tasks: On defense, teammates
should split up. One player could be a sniper from
the center overpass, while the other player rides the
conveyor along the side in an attempt to destroy the Runner.
12. Lure the Defenders: As you make
your Lava Run, the Flyer should sacrifice his or
herself if necessary to keep the Runner alive. Often,
the Flyer makes for a good decoy to distract the
defenders while the Runner can score with less resistance.
13. Sacrifice Yourself: Since frags
aren't the goal, don't be afraid to commit suicide
when your health is low or when you can get to your
goal faster by remorphing in the Starting Box. I've
been known to chase Runners down the Lava Run even
though I don't have Protective Boots!

-Randall S. Pitchford II 3dRealms Entertainment