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What is this place?

Strife in November 2001 Strife started out back in late 2000, but really kicked off in early 2001 after 3DRealms linked to the website, which brought in lots of Duke fans.

The website started out because I wanted to create my own web comic, but using the Duke3D game engine to film my episodes. It all started out pretty crudely (language and everything else) but it struck a chord with the comminuty and the site started to grow.

Strife in May 2005 Things keep on moving and growing over the years with people like Sluggy and Cholerae bring their talents to the site. The community kept the forums alive with various trends and fights, to everyones enjoyment.

Sadly, due to a number of factors things ground to a halt in early 2005. The Strife was over.

That was, until now.
I missed Strife, I missed the website, I missed the community. So with this website I have brought Strife back. Bigger, better and stronger than ever before. Join the Strife again :)

Peter 'Maverick' Bridger