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Famous Build mapper Bob Averill has made some of the best looking and well designed Duke3D levels in existance. The creativity and attention to detail surpass the original levels found with Duke Nukem 3D.

As these maps are so good, I thought it would be nice to have them all in one place. Enjoy.

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The story; The story is that while boating off the Coast of Japan, your boat hit a jagged coral and started to take on water. You are too far from shore to make it in time, and these waters are widely reknown for their abundance of Sharks, made hostile towards humans by being constantly hunted for their meat, a delicacy.

Unfortunately, to them, YOU are the delicacy. Suddenly you hear a faint "S....O....S" on your radio; your cheapass radio only has a 6-mile radius, and only manned installations give off SOS signals, so you know now that there is dry land somewhere within a 6-mile radius. After careful triangulation, you race off at North/NorthEast, the water up to your knees, sharks following your boat like Vultures following a dying animal. The water is waist-deep, and you see an island in the distance; no trees or grass, just a huge installation takes up almost every square foot of the land. You read the sign; "Ya-Kanjii Nuclear Power Plant". Your boat hits shore, and you leap out, The boat submerges completely, and frusturated sharks swarm around it beneath the waves, pissed-off at having barely missed a meal.

It isnt raining, but black clouds take up the sky; a huge storm is coming. To avoid the storm, you find the front door of the facility mysteriously unlocked, and make your way in; You may be stranded, but you'll be DAMNED if youre gonna get rained on. However, you immeditately noticed somthing is wrong; The place is boarded-up, abandoned, you had thought; and yet SOMEONE has activated a computer terminal, and some of the lights, which were flickering; maybe power-flow issues; you use the Ancient Green-Screen Computer Terminal to determine what the source of the power fluctiations is, and why the alarm is sounded; To your dismay, You learn that the Central Nuclear Reactor has only hours until it melts down, due to seemingly deliberate tampering with the power routers; The main reactors, though all online and functioning, have been re-routed from the coolant pumps, which are vital to preventing overheating of the core, to an unkown destination somewhere in the complex. It is obvious that someone is here with you; and they're trying to cause a meltdown that will not only kill you, but everyone on the coast, and inland for quite a ways. You immediatley set to work fixing the damage the mysterious vandal has done, knowing that everyone's lives depend on you.

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(Continued from Bobsp1)
Wiping the last drop of rain from your forehead, you think "All I wanted was to get in out of the rain, and now I'm in one helluva fine mess; The Reactor and it's subsytsems are all shot to hell, and I'm the only one who can fix them in time. Me, me, me. Why do these things always happen to me? Bad luck runs in the family I guess. My kingdom for a rabbit's foot, heh."

Not surprisingly, the state of this area's systems is even crappier than the last. It's as if the place hadn't seen any maintinence since.....well.....ever. Don't Industrialists know enough to clean up after themselves? You'd think a nuclear threat to costal cities wouldn't go unnoticed, but then demolition is expensive, and some people will cut any corners to save a buck. Most importantly, who's been scavenging peices from the systems? Don't they know what will happen? Or, is that their intention, to cause meltdown? Definitely got to get to the bottom of this. Whoever's behind this has alotta pain comin' to him, that's for sure. I'll patch things up and try to hold together this ticking timebomb of a complex as long as I can, I hope it's long enough to find who did this and kick their ass. Oh yeah, and long enough for technicians to get here and prevent us all from going up in a mushroom cloud, that'd be nice, but first things first; It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum! And I'm all outta gum.....
Fuel for Vengeance

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"Good riddance to bad bullsh*t" you mutter as your freshly commandeered tram speeds towards the 2nd island in the small tropical chain. Your shirt is torn and grimy, your boots caked in blood, and you haven slept for 48 hours, but one thought presses you on: When you read of the radio disturbance, you knew full well what it was: The typical magnetic interference caused by Reptoid propulsion signatures. But powerful enough to block out inter-island communication? A signal that big could only have one origin. A Reptoid Mothership.

You had suspected as much all along, the Reptoids had stolen the nuclear core and were retrofitting it to power their ship. They didn't dare use such a shoddy patch-job of a ship to mount a second attack, they were likely trying to escape. But you know you cannot let them go: They attacked Earth, and they would attack other planets. And Not every planet has a Duke Nukem to protect it. The encampment of aliens fixing their ship are the last living Reptoids: You know that you have to wipe them out. All that must be done is to eject the core: exposure would render it useless within seconds. After that, simply take them all our, and assasinate their leader. They may only want to escape, but you cannot let them: You MUST wipe them out. Not for yourself, not for Earth, but for every free planet in the galaxy. You have to kill them all. It's Genocide time, baby.

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A detailed, beautiful techno-goth environment inspired by Quake3 and Quake2.

Wolly and Tobiarse for betatesting, Chris_A for being there to offer advice and to Mortuus, for being everyone's favorite clever duck. Tobiarse, this is for you; (.Y.)

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The house area in BOBDM2 has been used in some Strife episodes, thanks to it's careful and concise construction.

This Dukematch level has recently been tweaked by Bob to give the best gameplay possible on the map.

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Designed and built specially for This Strife, it's Walters apartment.

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Another This Strife special, providing inter-galatic transport in the form of an ass-kicking spaceship.


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