August 30, 2003

Back 2 skool
This is a simulation of what a Sluggy Strife comic might be like if I was back in third form, as I was ten years ago. Those were the days. Ahhh, high school. The best days of one's life... Cruising through classes... bashing the turds (=3rd formers)... stealing porno mags out of the bully's locker... melting people's pens in the bunsen burners... getting bashed for being a turd... extracting gunpowder from fireworks and using it to explode things... Yup. Back then we had to amuse ourselves with "reality" while we waited for Al Gore to invent the internet.

Mav reckons that the JPG image format is better, nicer, and SMALLER than GIF format, so here's the same comic in JPG (about 100K larger than the GIF). Spot the difference and you win a cookie!