TMST enthusiastically presents...

Unlike our fuzzy friend the Foob, I do not explode on contact. Therefore, you can safely contact me without having to worry about the designer and maintainer of this website exploding. I may even take this further to say that I might just explode due to lack of contact, so e-mail me before I explode!

Whether you have an idea for a comic or Dopefish of the Week, or if you just want to drop me a line to brighten my day with some kind of positive feedback (or ruin my day with an angry rant!), feel free to contact me through psychic channels. Or, if you prefer, just old-fashioned e-mail.

Or, if you would rather contact me anonymously so that I can't send you replies, simply use the form below and hit "Transmit!" I look forward to your flamings.


And if you'd like to hold an online discussion with many a Keen fan, visit EZBoard's Public Commander Keen Forum.

-TMST (A.K.A. King Sluggy)

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