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May the 3rd, 2359:59 (GMT) 2003 A.D.

Happy Birthday, Chasm of Strife.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yorps and Gargs, Shikadi and Vorticons, Dopefish and Sprites, it is the end of an era. The following comic is the final update of the Chasm of Strife. However, this website, which is hosted by, will continue to remain in existence so that you may still browse through the archives, to remember the good times. But enough of this misty-eyed drivel! Let's get on with the comic (which I drew with the mouse, at the last minute)...

"Sluggy Says Goodbye"


Big ups to the contributors Kenpoboy, Ilsoap and Toadie, and also to all the Keeners, gamers, and readers who have been so supportive over the years since the Chasm of Chills opened, and later became the Chasm of Strife. Keep it up, guys!

- Andrew Kepple / Too Much Spare Time / King Sluggy / Sling Kuggy / Sink Ugly

The GoneFish

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