Commander Keen

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20/08/01: And today's subtle symbolism is all about the Legacy Of Keen, if you'll excuse the pun. Yes, the statue of Spot symbolises the memory of the Commander Keen series; the chatboards, the fan sites, the Gameboy spinoffs... et cetera. In other words: [Music=SOPPY] Spot's memorial statue is the silver lining to the cloud that is the cynical ending to this short cartoon series, as the chatboards (etc.) are the silver lining to the cloud that is id's decision to abandon the Keen series. [/Music]
Whoah. Now THAT'S what I call a load of symbolics.
Oh yeah, and the fact that the image above is kind of tombstone-shaped is no coincidence either. Yup, this ending has more symbols than a percussionists' convention (ho ho).

20/03/02 - Note: Seven moths later I am viewing this with a monitor that is far superior to the one that I rendered this picture on... Only now do I see the contrast between darker colours that looked indistinguishable to me as I was drawing it. The subtle galactic swirls now look like crappy old rainclouds, and the transition of atmosphere into space is discontinuous. YUCK!