TMST enthusiastically presents...

June the 17th, 2002.
Yay, the server is working again and CK cartoons will resume as per normal. I hope you have all been patient over the "downtime"; after all, progress is a good thing. Unless you're an old fogie. Old fogies don't like progress, and if you have been getting crotchety over the absence of the Strife server (and hence the Chasm), then you know what it is to be a technophobic, anti-progress, stick-in-the-mud old fogie.

And that makes really a good intro for this cartoon:



Yeah, you think that Dawson's Creek is the coolest, hippest, with-it-est thing on TV, but mark my words, in decades yet to come, your children (or your children's children) will think of Dawson's as we think of Coronation Street: Old fogie telly!

I can see the future. I am King Sluggy Know-It-All.

-King Sluggy (AKA "Too Much Spare Time", in non-Keen related environments.)

PS: Update, 18/06/02: As I was preparing this page last night, I was completely unaware of the fact that it was beginning to snow outside! Wow! It doesn't snow here very often, so today I raced outside and made...
King Sluggy!
(Get it? "HAIL" to King Sluggy? Get it? Hail, as in sleet and snow and ice falling out of the sky? Huh? Heh... Hooooboy...)
Oh and in case you're wondering, I spraypainted the snow-slug yellow, okay? I didn't make it yellow by any other, less savoury means, thankyouverymuch. And finally, look at the Dopefish of the week that I posted up yesterday before I even knew that snow was on the way. Spooky coincidence? No, not at all. It's just that I am King Sluggy and I know the future. Did you believe me the first time? You do now.

The Ice Age Dopefish
Coz it's frickin' Winter down here in NZ! Brrr!