TMST enthusiastically presents...

July the 9th, 2002.

A "This Strife"-styled cartoon, this time!


nutritious meal of healthy vegetables. You have to eat your veggies if you want to grow up

And the moral of the story is, don't mess with the dimensionally impaired. Being 2-D has its advantages.

This week's Letter of the Week is from Archagon, who writes:

Subject: OMG!

Damn, your site rocks! Those Dopefish are hella funny and those comics are funny, too! And a movie, too? Wow! Keep up the good work!

And this week's Flame of the Weak is from x x whose valiant effort at writing a sentence in english is as follows:

Subject: matrix

hey your a fag
If you'd like to respond to x x, simply send an e-mail to his/her address at Cheers - I'm looking forward to your feedback (heh heh heh).

-King Sluggy (AKA "Too Much Spare Time", in non-Keen related environments.)

Betty Boopfish