TMST enthusiastically presents...

July the 15th, 2002.

That's all, folks!


Click this link to go to the Goodbye, Cruel World comic archive, which holds over 100 episodes of GCW (ie, all of them to date), some of which are hilarious! Go and take a read.
Don't worry about the Chasm of Strife not being updated for the next wee while, I'll still be creating the odd cartoon for it, and checking my e-mail regularly so if you have a suggestion, please contact me! The Chasm will be back to its old tricks before you know it.

"When will the Chasm of Strife have a new cartoon?

Keep visiting the TMST comic page and reading Goodbye, Cruel World!, because I will announce the Chasm's re-opening in a GCW cartoon.

Who has done the best job of kissing my ass this week? Let's see...
This week's Letter of the Week is from Simon Ball, who expresses his thoughts with regards to this website thusly:

Subject: You rock

Hey man, just wanted to say I think your site and your comics are awsome. I'm glad to see that Commander Keen hasn't been completely forgotten.

You see? "Commander Keen hasn't been completely forgotten" is an understatement. It was through fan-art and so forth that the motivation for somebody to release a Color Gameboy version of Commander Keen came about. And if we keep it up, if we keep bombarding the Keen's originators with more and more "Keen Culture", someday, perhaps, the Universe will at last be Toast.


-King Sluggy (AKA "Too Much Spare Time", in non-Keen related environments.)

Thought patterns: "Kick ass, chew gum, I'm all outta gum."
(Suggested by Hannu Heikkinen, and also by an anonymous fan who may or may not have been the very same person.)