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September the 6th, 2002.

This looks like a job for...


This is the first episode of a great new series of Chasm Comics that are inspired by Commander Keen but don't "mock" him too much. I was warned against mocking Keen in an anonymous message recently. But that was mere coincidence.
No, this is not the great "XAX" epic that you're all waiting on with bated breath, but it's still a great story. (Well, I reckon.) And I've only drawn 3 and half episodes of it so far!

This week's Flame of the Week comes all the way from the land of Flames: Hell.

From: Hell

Satan says you suck

I went straight to Hell and had some very stern words with the Lard of Dorkness himself, and it turns out that Satan didn't actually write that message at all. He was most upset at being imitated in such a naughty way. Whoever you are, Satan says he's going to sue you for damages.

-King Sluggy (AKA "Too Much Spare Time", in non-Keen related environments.)

The D'OH-fish