TMST enthusiastically presents...

September the 28th, 2002.

Following on from episode 3 ("No Comment"), this one is called
"Room Service"


This does not bode well for our hero. But who is he? And who isn't he? And who is the President? And why is Princess Lindsey hiding in that animated frame? It's all so confusing and scary and nightmare future and aaaaargh!!!.....

But if you look carefully at this comic without panicking, you will be able to work out answers to the following qusetions:
1: Who is he?
2: What year is it?
3: Who is the President?

Anyway, time for some mail.
Letter of the Week: A follow-up to the letter from the Satan impersonator.

Field+name: Another message from Hell
Textarea: I represent the devil's advocate (or rather, I am the devil's advocate and I represent the devil). We (or I, or whatever) would just like to apologize for the inconvenience (that's spelled wrong, right? Sorry, spell checkers are hard to come by here) way back on September 6th, when a person had falsely insulted you in the name of Satan. I am sorry for the tardiness of this reply, but of course I have more duties to go for, what with the Lord Almighty trying to shut this place down and all that. We are attempting to track this insulter down even as I type this message, and we hope you have a very happy day. Commander Keen is respected and played on all computers in Hell (or is that just another attempt at deception by the father of all lies, to try to convert you to Satanism? Well, I'm not Satan, so...blah! Just pretend I never typed that.) Yeah, again have a happy day. Bai bai.
And, of course, a Flame of the Fortnight, from somebody who may or may not have been Alon.
From: "Alon Tzarafi"

Subject: HeY YuO

Yao bEETer mAkEN saOMER MoeR "sAXeyA LadEeS" BiyFOre I"lL KiCK yU YiN ThA bALzLs OH MAisTEr "SLgUgY" DUede.>>!!!!

BAay tHE Wey IT AWAsN't aNOle Ho gAiV yuO tHas INn~mAIl !!!

Roughly translated (by Alabama Smith), it reads:
You had better make some more "Sexay Ladies" before I kick you in the balls, oh Mister "Sluggy" dude. By the way, it wasn't Alon who gave you this e-mail.


-King Sluggy (AKA "Too Much Spare Time", in non-Keen related environments.)

Fresh from the Vatican
His Holiness The Popefish