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December the 27th, 2002.

A special end-of-year present to the online Commander Keen Community:

See below for instructions

Simply print off each page with a landscape orientation, in either colour or in black and white - it's your choice, depending on your resources. There are 24 pages in total - one image for each month of the year, and each image's corresponding page showing the dates for that month. You might want to print out a month plus its image on the same page, in portrait format. Check the filenames to make sure that you don't get some images mixed up! (-:

January: Image Dates
February: Image Dates
March: Image Dates
April: Image Dates
May: Image Dates
June: Image Dates
July: Image Dates
August: Image Dates
September: Image Dates
October: Image Dates
November: Image Dates
December: Image Dates

The primary purpose of this calendar is to promote the Commander Keen Community by drawing people's attention to the goings-on at the Public Commander Keen Forum (PCKF) from over the past year or two. I hope that once more people see the work that is showcased within the PCKF Official 2003 Calendar, they will frequent our forum more often, and that it may attract more people to our community. To this end, I have chosen to promote the graphical artwork and fangames/mods that have been posted at the PCKF (or at the CK Newsletter website), rather than concentrating on any other Commander Keen fan sites that exist elsewhere. The secondary purpose of this project is to inspire people to provide the PCKF Calendar's editor with a huge range of keen stuff to use in the 2004 Calendar!

Due to time constraints on this project, the Public Commander Keen Forum Official 2003 Calendar was thrown together at the last minute with a "just get it done" ethic. Because of this, much of the artwork used in the calendar was taken without permission (but also without going against anyone's instructions) from the fan art gallery of the CK Newsletter, from the PCKF and from the screenshot pages of The Commander Keen Fan Central website (and maybe from other websites as well, but I can't remember which ones, if any).
If anybody out there feels that I am "ripping you off" by using your work without permission, please remember that here in the Commander Keen Community most of us like to think of ripping people off as "sharing ideas" or "using the ideas of others as artistic inspiration", hence our use of the artwork and concepts of the copyrighted Commander Keen games. iD Software, who hold the rights to Commander Keen don't kick up a fuss by the fact that we have taken their idea and built a global community out of it. (I just hope that THEY don't complain about me using their graphics on every month!)

If, on the other hand, anyone feels that I have overlooked some work of Keen-ness that ought to have been included in the PCKF Calendar, I apologise. I was in a hurry, but now you've got a whole year to remind me about putting it in next year's Calendar (if I'm still in charge of it by then!).

Note that the only days that I have marked on the calendar are the birthdays of those who specified their date of birth on the PCKF members list. Dates like Christmas and Black Friday and Waitangi Day etc are left out, because the number of different nationalities and cultures that we have between ourselves in the forum would mean that putting every significant day on the calendar would take longer than I had to get the Calendar finished in time for 2003 without culturally offending somebody (unintentionally).

Some of you may note that Keen Art by Xtraverse, Manboy and myself (TMST) is used more than other people's work in the Calendar. This is again due to availability of artwork at the last minute, not necessarily favouritism. Selection of artwork was also based on the 2002 Keen Awards, and how well the artwork could be used to promote the online Commander Keen Community - according to my personal opinion.

The PCKF Official 2003 Calendar was made using the artwork of AEWorld, Adrian Carmack, cybernetic dream, Djaser, eK, Forge315, hoborg, Ilsoap, Keenmaster, KeenRush, KillSpy, Korath III, Manboy, MetaSin, Mort McMire, MRC Marky, Pico, Slasher, Tomer2000, Too Much Spare Time, VF4588, Vidar Flak, Volteface, XkyRauh, Xtraverse, and whoever it was that made the awesome Standard Galactic Alphabet true-type font. Each person's respective artwork is their own intellectual property.

Thanks to all of the PCKF members and admins, Cerebral Cortex 314,, the Commander Keen Newsletter team, Joseph Burke (A.K.A. Forge), and the original iD Software guys who created Commander Keen in the first place.

Additional thanks to TCL999's Keencyclopedia; apologies to anybody whose PCKF name I may have left out, and also to Slasher/Matrix whose Keen Award-winning "Spork III - Demo 2" was unfortunately not included in the "Keen Mods & Fangames" montage; and special sluggy thanks in advance to the Public Commander Keen Forum's Vorticon Elders for letting me get away with presuming to name this calendar The PCKF Official 2003 Calendar. ((-; After all, I couldn't really take everyone else's credit for myself in this calendar. Have a totally keen year, everyone!

- Too Much Spare Time / King Sluggy

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