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April the 30th, 2003.

Prank Caller?

Semi-recently on the Public Commander Keen Forum, somebody started a post announcing that according to the American White Pages, there were two Billy Blazes in the United States ("Billy Blaze" being the alter ego of Commander Keen). Of course nobody got it into their head to actually ring up any of these Billy Blazes and find out if either of them WERE Commander Keen...


REAL LIVE Billy Blaze, only one phonecall away? This was too good an opportunity to miss. Even though I am in New Zealand, I had just enough money to make one short toll call to America. I had to carefully choose which of the two Billy Blaze phone numbers to dial, since I would only get one shot, and I also had to prepare something beforehand to get Billy to say for the record. I chose the phone number that contained the most digits relating to Keen (314, 315, IV, 42, etc) and dialled.
To hear to result of my conversation with the REAL LIVE Billy Blaze (whose number I won't give out here, because I am not the American White Pages) simply click the image below:



Argh, I'm gettin' too old for this. Maybe another one or two updates and then I'm bailing out of the Chasm for good. Seriously. One more week and I'm outta here. No, really, I am. Watch me. Okay. Here goes. Anytime now.

Can my hit counter (below) reach 10,000 hits before the Chasm ends? Only YOU can decide!

- Andrew Kepple / Too Much Spare Time / King Sluggy / Sling Kuggy / Sink Ugly

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