Commander Keen

Title Comic Ass-Kickin' Action! Big Shocker! Rubbing Salt Into The Wounds Epilogue
18/07/01: Goodbye, Brave Little Spot.
Let us remember the good times that we had with Spot when he was alive. (Don't remember how we used to jump on him in order to stun him when he got annoying. Don't remember how Billy's Mom screamed "What is that one-eyed green thing in your room?" Don't remember how we gleefully shot him with our neural stunners.) Spot's sacrifice may have been tragic, but at least he did what was RightTM.
And on the subject of trademarking, what about the Big-Bang-A-TronTM? How will our hero stop it from its unstoppable... uh, unstoppability... now that it is in motion?
Stay tuned...

But beware... the next shocking episode presents Billy with a horrifying horror that will test his mighty might to the extreme. Be sure not to miss the bone-chilling, teeth-chattering, knuckle-whitening, heart-stopping, soul-constricting, slime-gland-loosening, everybody-scaring terror as Billy Blaze is confronted by his WORST NIGHTMARE!
(And I don't mean Boobus Tuber!)