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CommanderKeenTheMovie dot com, eh? Well, now I've taken one of the first steps in making a movie: get a "" website! Another thing one might need to make a movie about a good guy versus a villain is a theme song for the villain. So I've gone and made this "Bond Villain"-style song for Mortimer McMire.
Download the music in MP3 format here so that you can sing along!

The "Mortimer McMire" Bond-Villain Song.
To be used in the abstract opening-sequence to "Goodbye Galaxy".
The "solo" bits are to be sung by Shirley Bassey, of course.

[Instrumental intro]

[Solo:] Mortimer McMire...
Heís the enemy of evíryone alive...
With his IQ score... of three-one-five
And his antagonistic schemes.

Mortimer McMire...
Sees the human race as insects in a jar...
Nothing more than toys, to him, we are
Like his unstoppable machines.

His evil, cunning plan... is so bizarre
Like something from a dream.

So beware, Billy Blaze
Live in fear, all your days
As Commander Keen!

Mortimer McMire...
You canít stop him but youíre welcome just to try...
All you mental wimps... deserve to die
Or youíll face consequences dire.

Mortimer McMire...
- This bit's for the choir -
[Choir:] With the aid of his Ar...mageddon Machine...
Will obliterate... Commander Keen
When the quan...tum-explosions fire!

[Solo:] Grand Intellect McMire has the entire
Whole Galaxy lined up to expire!

[Instrumental interlude, with "cool shots of the Galaxy exploding"]

[Solo, without orchestra]: Mor...ti...mer... Mc.. Mire... [Chord]

19/10/01: The opening bars in the Mortimer McMire Bond-Villain song are a parody of the opening bars of Robert Prince's "Wondering" music, the music you get on the menu-screen of Wolfenstein 3D. This is appropriate because, as we all know, Wolfenstein signalled the end of Commander Keen's universe. (See the conclusion to The Comic!) Now, the music might be a bit difficult to follow, since it's in compound triple time (mostly) and I was unable to convert it from Mac Encore format into PC MIDI, so I just had to make a recording of it as a sound file. \-:| Also, I have been unable to get Shirley Bassey to sing it (yet), so it's just the music by itself. And the words aren't too easy to get one's tongue around in some places. But before I apologise too much, let me just say... IT'S COOL! DOWNLOAD IT!