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October the 29th, 2002.

Where Is Dnf?

A while ago, This Strife's creator Maverick asked me to make some comics for a "DNF Special" of This Strife, which would be in the form of an investigation into why DNF has not been released yet. For those of you who have been Marooned on Mars for the past half-a-decade, DNF, or Duke Nukem Forever is supposedly the greatest Duke Nukem game ever, and was being put together in the later half of the 1990's. It still has not yet been released. Perhaps it just wasn't good enough to release by the time 3D Realms finished creating it, or maybe it was just too advanced - the world wasn't ready for DNF. With many more Duke Nukem games having been released since the beginning of the DNF rumours, DNF is probably the most anticipated game of all time.
Yet whenever people from 3D Realms are questioned about DNF's release, they invariably give the mysterious response "When It's Done", or just "WID".

So why has DNF not yet been released? What's the story? Who's to blame? Where did I put my car keys? We attempt to find answers to these fundamental questions and many more in this exclusive mockumentary by Peter "Maverick" Bridger and Andrew "King Sluggy" Kepple...

-King Sluggy (AKA "Too Much Spare Time", in non-Keen related environments.)

WID: Where Is Dopefish?
Dopefish Forever

Thought patterns: "When, It's, Done." (Just like you-know-whom!)