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May 18th, 2012 (Unofficial): Going High - The Lame Part

Hey there, if you have missed the first part of this...err..adventure, then, you may simply go one step backwards and view the first part!

frame1.png frame2.png
frame3.png frame4.png
frame5.png frame6.png
frame7.png frame8.png
frame9.png frame10.png
frame11.png frame12.png
frame13.png frame14.png
frame15.png frame16.png

A few references for the ones who don't know or recognize: (Possible spoilers warning?)
- Keen's place did make an appearance in original Strifes.
- If you think that Doom Marine is a bit silly, or at least plain hungry... lets say this is not exactly new, either.
- Just in case you don't currently know, I think the internet has enough answers regarding the lie and cake thing :).
- Once, in an earlier Strife, both Ken Silverman (a floating head) and Todd Replogle (same appearance as in the current episode) were shrunk...and put in jars.
- There are references to the earlier "Strife in WIDESCREEN" - a Strife with letterboxed widescreen sized frames.
- This is not the first time the Cycloid Emperor makes an appearance as a guard.
Oh and, although not exactly a reference...
- Originally, within the frames showing the entrance to Keen's place, a miniature Keen was to be shown above and to the right. This is near the location of the armor, found in E1L2 of DN3D (although I've removed the armor for the Strife). Things were a bit far and looked relatively small, though. Thus, I've moved the "camera" so things would be closer, while you wouldn't see the Keen. Can't say they're that "big" now, but at least they're... well, less small.

This comic uses assets found in: Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D: HRP, jDRP, Commander Keen, Bio Menace.

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