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December 30th, 2014 (Unofficial): Keen's Vacation

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A few references for the ones who don't know or recognize: (Possible spoilers warning?)
- If SEWER.MAP was visited in the last unofficial Strife comic, then why shouldn't SWEENEY.MAP be visited, too? Apart from that, "WALTER.MAP" is being visited after a long time, although not a lot is seen in there.
- Although it has been checked that Liztroop's palette lookup of 22 is not applied elsewhere, eventually it has applied "a bit late" to a few sprites showing Walter Bennet... which explains the green "thing" he's wearing.
- Obviously, Duke and marine getting scared as Keen approaches is a reference to the last unofficial strife posted here (Going High - The Lame Part).
- Ken and Todd... nothing new. :)
- Actually, there is something a bit new. "Ken Silviabullet" vs "Ken SILVERMAN"? This is a reference to Billy Blaze (i.e. Commander Keen) correcting a few others naming him wrong, say "Captain Keen."
- The DOS importer/exporter, a part of "LameDuke tech", refer to something from the old Strife comic known as "Mini-Keens." And for Duke getting scared about anything that refers to LameDuke (not to talk about that specific episode)... This has been covered way more than once!
- Well, looks like the "teleportation" to Keen's realm went smoother than a few other earlier teleportations encountered in original Strife episodes.
- OK, that guy who asks for a password, along with his reply (to what marine says, by the way)? This is a reference to "some" game of a different genre. In order to not spoil anybody who has not yet play it, I'm afraid that I won't mention its name right here!
- If you don't know what is "Too hot!" referring to... it's simply a shortening of a title given to a music track from the game "Commander Keen 4."
- Oh yeah, same frame has a few more familiar Keen-references: The helmet, and the name correction yet again.
- Originally, when marine is scared of "floating heads", the intention here was to refer to the floating drops of water (as found in "Commander Keen 4.") On a second thought, it may also refer to Nukem's Keen 4-6 style death animation. In both cases, this is a reference to a comic where marine gets scared of (actually seen) floating heads. Not sure about it, so there are chances that the comic is currently absent from the net.
- It shouldn't exactly be new for marine giving up on Duke so easily: "Meh, who needs him anyway?"
- The very last frame refers again to the game mentioned before (with the password question). Not more than that is going to be told for now...

This comic uses assets found in: Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, one Half Life add-on if not more*, Commander Keen.

* Actually, Walter Bennet has been ripped off screenshots from http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Walter_Bennet_images?display=page for now...

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