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Shadow Warrior (1997) and bonus Build Engine Source Codes Release - Feb 2019

This archive includes a re-release of Shadow Warrior sources, which should be equivalent in behaviors to versions 1.0-1.2 (with possible exceptions for saved games compatibility).
Link to git repository on GitLab. See "tags" for the originally released "7z" file.
An additional copy of the 7z.

Repackaged Duke Nukem 3D modifications

This has old Duke3D modifications, repackaged as ready-to-use ZIP/PK3 archives for compatible source ports.
The files were originally prepared with multiplayer games in mind, given that Duke3D mods were historically not commonly played online, but there might be other uses.
There should additionally be one general txt file with more details, and each repackaged archive should be accompanied with a separate txt file describing how it was prepared.

Link to the repackaged modifications

EDuke32-DOS, an unofficial DOS port of EDuke32

Link to EDuke32-DOS git repository on GitLab
EDuke32-DOS binaries (Oct 25 2019)
EDuke32-DOS debug binaries (Oct 25 2019)
EDuke32-DOS sources (Oct 25 2019)

Duke Nukem 3D user map from 2019, updated in 2023

Pyratel i.e., Pyramid-shaped hotel (Jul 18 2023 release)
Pyratel git repository, covering various development revisions and other few extras.

Duke Nukem 3D multiplayer race map (also relevant for solo exploration)

Originally released on March 4 2007 and followed by a second revision on November 25 2008,
the following edition is based on a previously unreleased revamped revision. Other map revisions are also included.
NY'S RACE - 15th Anniversary Edition

Duke Nukem 3D multiplayer survivor map (Last Duke Standing variant)

Released on October 16 2022, the main goal is to be the last Duke to survive in the arena and not fall down.
Inspired by user-made levels with a related game type for Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

One more Duke Nukem 3D user map of mine

Another map: "What the..." (Jan 31 2009)

Top Shooter MP

Top Shooter is a "little project" covering a shoot 'em up using the Build Engine. It was originally developed and released by Mblackwell for EDuke32.
Top Shooter MP v1.2 is a modified version supporting networked multiplayer via NetDuke32. Also added is analog motion support, say via a mouse.

Top Shooter MP v1.2.
Link to git repository on GitLab.
The original Top Shooter thread in the Duke4.net forums.

Looking for TeamDUKE-related files?

TeamDUKE is a multiplayer mod of Garjen Software originally designed for EDuke 2.0,
supporting Flag-Tag, Team Dukematch, CTF and a variation of Duke-Tag.

As of early 2023, I had two unofficial versions compatible with NetDuke32 and adding usability improvements, as well as additional maps separately uploaded to Garjen Software's website.

What was changed was that April 2023 had a new release of TeamDUKE from the original creator.
Thus, I'll mention these URLs instead:

TeamDUKE thread at the Duke4.net forums
Downloads link - look for up-to-date PK3 file
Links to older releases and the two unofficial versions

Actually, one other TeamDUKE-related thing is available right from here as of January 2024.

Test map for TeamDUKE v0.8 and earlier, including unused car

This archive has a sample map and modified CON loader for older versions of TeamDUKE.
It covers a CAR actor that was removed from v0.9, along with invisible car locator actors.
So, this isn't expected to work with TeamDUKE v0.9 and later, but earlier versions should still be covered.

The archive was originally prepared on May 20 2023, hence this date in the file name.
It was uploaded only on Janury 10 2024, since TeamDUKE v0.9, the first to remove the car and its locators, was released more-or-less by the very end of 2023.

TeamDUKE (v0.8) test map, including unused car

Derek Johnston's map (not my map)

This is the 7th and last revision of a Dukematch map originally created by Derek Johnston in 1997.
The 1st revision is in the CD released with the August 1997 edition of the PC Gamer magazine.
Note that in source ports, a mirror may visually glitch with the software renderer.
It looks like a side-effect of being mostly surrounded by another sector, along with engine-side changes originally introduced before the 1997 release of Shadow Warrior.

DJ's Map (7th And Final Update)

Basic sound recorder, powered by the Apogee Sound System

This is a modification of James R. Dose's Simple sound player used for testing sound playback with the Apogee Sound System.
As of writing this, it probably works just on real DOS/Win9x setups with compatible sound cards, and maybe also with NTVDM and on recent VMware DOS setups.

Link to git repository on GitLab
Executable and source; Jan 1 2020

Enhanced Duke (EDuke) 2.0, repackaged as a ZIP file

This is the old EDuke 2.0 patch, repackaged as a ZIP file that can be unpacked on top of a clean installation of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition v1.5 for DOS.
It is based on files from two old releases, eduke20.exe (the original) and eduke20a.exe (an alternative one). It also (for most) removed the CD check.
You can have a look at README.TXT. For more technical details, see ECHANGES.TXT.
The file EDUKE.TXT is the original 2000-era EDuke readme. Note that at least a few of its contents might be out-of-date.

EDuke 2.0(a), repackaged on April 13 2024

Duke Nukem 3D for DOS with fixed anaglyph stereo

Did you get to try out the red-blue anaglyph stereo mode in Duke Nukem 3D, original DOS version?
If yes, you may remember that it had several notable glitches.
While not perfect, I've attached a modified version of the game (original DOS version) with some improvements to the stereo mode.

Stereo fixup executable; July 7th 2011
Stereo fixup modified sources; July 7th 2011

The Build/Duke Nukem 3D Map Flipper v0.92

A quite old tool I wrote back in the day, for the purpose of flipping Duke3D map layouts.

If you're using EDuke32, though, it's probably better for you to check out Plagman and Deeperthought's Map Mirroring Mod.
Unlike the Map Flipper, this mod is CON-based and does not require you to carry modified (flipped) maps with you separately.

Link to archived DNR mods page that includes the Map Mirroring Mod: https://dnr.duke4.net/mods.php.html

Back to the Map Flipper itself:

WIN32 binary
Mac OS X Universal binary (PowerPC and Intel; 32-bit and 64-bit)
Linux i386 binary
Linux x86_64 binary
FreeBSD i386 binary
DOS (32-bit) binary
Source code

dn3d_lin wrapper

A very old small wrapper, packaged during 2008 for usage of Dukester X on Linux, so you can get a graphical terminal shown for the logs when a game is started.
Wine (DX and wrapper tested on Wine 1.0-rc2, which was a long time ago, at the least): https://www.winehq.org/
If you want, you can launch Dukester X with a sound wrapper like aoss or padsp, and put a sound file in the place where Dukester X is installed.
If you've installed it from an installer like a setup.exe file, you might find it in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/DukesterX, or possibly in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/DukesterX.

dn3d_lin package

A few files regarding other games with some relationship to Apogee Software, Ltd / 3D Realms

CKPatch (unofficial)

CKPatch v0.11.3 (unofficial), DOS executables and source code
This is an unofficial update to CKPatch, a collection of tools used for patching a RAM copy of a 16-bit DOS executable of a supported game before execution.
Basically, one of the tools can be used instead of hex editing a game's EXE in order to apply modifications, so all that is required is a textual patch file (and the original EXE).
Originally supporting just Commander Keen titles, a few executables of additional games are now recognized.
Some executables may have to get unpacked before patching. Usually, UNLZEXE is required, but if you want to unpack any Monster Bash executable, then you probably want UNP v4.11. (A DOS version of UNP v4.11 is known to do the job.)
Furthermore, only specific versions of games may be supported (usually the latest).

Commander Keen

Aliens Ate My Babysitter ...Again - Revision 3 - a Mini-MOD for Commander Keen 6.
Abandoned levels for Commander Keen 4 - a couple of levels from a proposed CK4 level pack, now released to the public.

Keen 4 Voice Modification Test
Keen 5 Voice Modification Test
Keen 6 Voice Modification Test
The "Voice Modification Tests" are basically little modifications of the original Keen 4-6,
where you may see (or rather heard) how changes to music tracks
can affect the way sound effects are being outputted. Yep, that's right...
Well, alternatively, you can just use vanilla Keen 4/5/6 and have the music turned off from the beginning.

Bio Menace

Bio Menace 1 level pack: Mangle is back from the dead (requires BM1 v1.1, freeware release)
Older snapshots of the pack, codenamed "Snake is back to the city":
Bio Menace 1 level pack snapshot (bundled with BM1 v1.1, Shareware Release)
Bio Menace 1 level pack snapshot (no bundle)
The no-bundle variation requires an existing installation of Bio Menace version 1.1. The Shareware and Freeware releases are both supported. Note that the later "Mangle is back from the dead" does not work with the Shareware release, and requires the freeware one.

Other stuff

(Sort of) An interview with R3pfile

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