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Duke Nukem 3D for DOS with fixed anaglyph stereo

Did you get to try out the red-blue anaglyph stereo mode in Duke Nukem 3D, original DOS version?
If yes, you may remember that it had several notable glitches.
While not perfect, I've attached a modified version of the game (original DOS version) with some improvements to the stereo mode.
Stereo fixup executable; July 7th 2011
Stereo fixup modified sources; July 7th 2011

dn3d_lin wrapper (e.g. for using Dukester X on Linux)

NOTE: This isn't required for YANG! In YANG you may configure a graphical terminal by yourself.
* UPDATE: You can install Dukester X as usual from the Dukester X website (Wine is obviously required):
Wine (DX and wrapper tested on Wine 1.0-rc2): http://www.winehq.org/
If you want, you can launch Dukester X with a sound wrapper like aoss or padsp, and put a sound file in the place where Dukester X is installed.
If you've installed it from an installer like a setup.exe file, you might find it in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/DukesterX
dn3d_lin package

A few "little" maps

A race map for Duke Nukem 3D by me - Revision 2
Another map: "What the..."

A few files regarding other games with some relationship to Apogee Software, Ltd / 3D Realms

CKPatch (unofficial)

CKPatch v0.11.3 (unofficial), DOS executables and source code
This is an unofficial update to CKPatch, a collection of tools used for patching a RAM copy of a 16-bit DOS executable of a supported game before execution.
Basically, one of the tools can be used instead of hex editing a game's EXE in order to apply modifications, so all that is required is a textual patch file (and the original EXE).
Originally supporting just Commander Keen titles, a few executables of additional games are now recognized.
Some executables may have to get unpacked before patching. Usually, UNLZEXE is required, but if you want to unpack any Monster Bash executable, then you probably want UNP v4.11. (A DOS version of UNP v4.11 is known to do the job.)
Furthermore, only specific versions of games may be supported (usually the latest).

Commander Keen

Aliens Ate My Babysitter ...Again - Revision 3 - a Mini-MOD for Commander Keen 6.
Abandoned levels for Commander Keen 4 - a couple of levels from a proposed CK4 level pack, now released to the public.

Keen 4 Voice Modification Test
Keen 5 Voice Modification Test
Keen 6 Voice Modification Test
The "Voice Modification Tests" are basically little modifications of the original Keen 4-6,
where you may see (or rather heard) how changes to music tracks
can affect the way sound effects are being outputted. Yep, that's right...
Well, alternatively, you can just use vanilla Keen 4/5/6 and have the music turned off from the beginning.

Bio Menace

Bio Menace 1 level pack: Mangle is back from the dead (requires BM1 v1.1, freeware release)
Older snapshots of the pack, codenamed "Snake is back to the city":
Bio Menace 1 level pack snapshot (bundled with BM1 v1.1, Shareware Release)
Bio Menace 1 level pack snapshot (no bundle)
The no-bundle variation requires an existing installation of Bio Menace version 1.1. The Shareware and Freeware releases are both supported. Note that the later "Mangle is back from the dead" does not work with the Shareware release, and requires the freeware one.

Other stuff

(Sort of) An interview with R3pfile

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