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October the 5th, 2002.

The saga concludes (for now)!
Part I: "Colonel Cyclone"
Part II: "Deja Vu"
Part III: "No Comment"
Part IV: "Room Sevice"
And now, buckle yourself in for "The Eagle Has Landed"

The Eagle
Has Landed
A 'TUIST' in the tale...

Congratulations to Cholerae who found me out - he noticed the fact that I was ripping off the concept of Steven Spielberg's Hook (in which a midlife crisis-enduring Peter Pan is dragged off to Neverland by Tinkerbell to rescue his kids from Captain Hook, by restoring the suppressed memories of his Neverlandian youth). Alack, I am undone - Hence the "Stephen Spielberg directs" in the movie trailer title bit.

If I was going to continue this storyline (maybe I will... Maybe I won't... Maybe I'll leave it up to YOU!) I would make it so that Mortimer has not aged - he is still the villainous kid genius that we know him to be - due to relativistic effects from traveling near the speed of light. And, in case you hadn't noticed, this story is set in a world where Apogee characters exist as real people, so I would probably drag people such as Duke Nukem (the President), Halloween Harry, Cosmo, and Major Stryker into the action. Oh and of course Billy would have to come grovelling back to his fired employee, looking for a backup of Colonel Cyclone, the only game that might help him remember what being Commander Keen is all about. Sappy!

It could be fun! You should continue the story for me. Just remember to put in a fully-justified twist ending.

-King Sluggy (AKA "Too Much Spare Time", in non-Keen related environments.)

The Hickfish

"Swim, Swim, Marry Cousin"