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Selected Strife Contents

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NOTE: I was not the host of the original Strife websites, nor I was directly involved with these in other ways (apart from reading contents or so).
The reason I emphasize this is that, admittedly, it can be easy to miss it.

Table of contents


Welcome to the "Selected Strife Contents" section! Here you should find a (very) partial backup of contents from the various Strife websites over the times (and a little more): This Strife, That Strife (actually This Strife under a different name and domain) and Strife Strips!
Note that quite often, the term "Selected" hides a bit of a different meaning: "Found" or "Rescued". That's because, in general, if I post only some contents out of a specific set (e.g. comics), it means that not everything has been found by me.
Furthermore, contents of a blog maintained by Peter Bridger (Maverick) and known as Strife Streams aren't discussed here for now. Well, mostly. See the news post of April 8th, 2012 to figure out why.

Thanks shall be sent to Peter Bridger (aka Maverick), Andrew Kepple (aka Sluggy), Paul J. Smith (aka Wally Waffles) and probably more. In addition, thanks should be sent to the Internet Archive project for making this possible.

Oh, one more thing: A relevant topic on the Duke4.net forums has been opened.

Updates to this section

The only "This Strife" comic survived so far
(from the original sites, not the recent re-uploads)

May 14th, 2001: 3DMark1996

The Chasm of Chills and The Chasm of Strife

Mostly complete backups of Sluggy's pages, with some exceptions. Examples are listed after the links.

The Chasm of Strife
The Chasm of Chills - Redirection to The Chasm of Strife
The Chasm of Chills

Some missing contents:

CK in CI: NEW IMPROVED FLAVOR! (ck22-gbckeen.htm): A GIF file is missing. An HTML source comment says that this file was originally located in a separate website.
Striflash: The U.B.E.R.-Forums (ck21-striflash.htm): Missing the SWF file.
The PCKF Commander Keen Calendar for 2003 (ck19-calendar.htm): Missing links to a subset of the images / dates.
King Sluggy's Film Review: BOND TRAILER (ck18-bondt.htm): Missing images.
"To The Future" (ck15-2thefuturemp3.htm): Missing the MP3 file.
"Universe = Toast" (ck12-missu.htm): Missing contents.
"Return to the Shadowlands" (ck10return.htm): Missing contents.
"Disco Keen!" (disco.html, disco2.html): Missing the midi file.
Commander Keen in "The Universe Is Toast" - Part 5 (kend05.html): Missing the author's notes.

A few Web Comics Sucks (WCS) selections, Gothboy included in one

A brief introduction (This is not a comic)
210706995228 (Name unknown)
699583335304 (Name unknown)

A few more Gothboy selections

Some stuff shown here actually comes from http://reocities.com/Athens/Thebes/2292/, an old site hosted by Waffles on Geocities. Oh wait, it's a backup of the site hosted on Reocities!
There is also one comic taken off this: http://www.myspace.com/clairobscur_raje/photos/24076084#{%22ImageId%22%3A24076084}
As for 0054-slug-alanrickman, it has been saved thanks to the following page: http://alanrickman.wikispaces.com/Pictures
Japanese Gothboy [English]
Japanese Gothboy [German]
Promotions at Work [English]
Promotions at Work [German]

Note: All of the Flash movies may be made for specific browser/frame window proportions.
As for the Christmas one, I'd add it has been found on: http://uploads.ungrounded.net/142000/142035_xmas.swf
Some Flash movie for Halloween
A very Gothboy christmas

Additional Gothboy comics, plus one Flash animation

These were located by Grandy02, and are split into separate groups.

The first group includes comics found in a Strife forum's thread, titled web comic sux.
The .bmp files originally had the file extension of .txt instead. Grandy02's guess was that this was done due to GeoCities restricting external linking of images.

The second group consists of comics from the TmsT Flash animation Gothic MC (hidden bonus), extracted with SWFTools.
Note that these comics were included in JPEG format, so they might not have the original quality.

gothboy.gif, posted by Cholerae. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0001-chol-firsttheworst.gif.
gotboy2.gif, posted by Cholerae. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0002-chol-french.gif.
SLUGGOT1.gif, posted by Sluggy. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0005-slug-heavenhell.gif.
lij1.jpg, posted by Ren/JPD2002. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0006-jpd-lij.jpg.
gotboy4.gif, posted by Cholerae. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0012-chol-darkness1.gif.
gotboy5.gif, posted by Cholerae. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0007-chol-killingspree.gif.
gotboy7.gif, posted by Cholerae. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0009-chol-parole.gif.
gotboy8.gif, posted by Cholerae. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0010-chol-smile.gif.
gotboy9.gif, posted by Cholerae. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0014-chol-bela.gif.
gothgirlcomp.gif, posted by Sluggy.
gotboy10.gif, posted by Cholerae. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0017-chol-areply.gif.
gb-buildtemplate.bmp, posted by Adereth. It's unclear if it was considered to be a Gothboy comic.
gb-baum.bmp, posted by Adereth. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0040-addy-baum!!11.gif.
wcs-sinking.bmp, posted by Adereth. Presumed Gothboy site filename: Maybe 0039-addy-apology.gif.
wcs-keeple-hate.bmp, posted by Adereth. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0048-addy-tmsthates.gif.
gotboy25.gif, posted by Mosquito.
GBPETROK.PNG, posted by Ness.

581.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0015-slug-facialhair.gif.
583.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0003-chol-vampyre.gif.
587.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0004-ant-absinthe.gif.
594.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0013-slug-darkness2.gif.
596.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0008-chol-jail.gif.
602.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0011-slug-smile2.gif.
606.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0035-chol-slugophile.gif.
608.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0036-chol-charades-stillbirth.gif.
610.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0037-slug-charades2.gif.
612.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0038-slug-charades3.gif.
614.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0043-chol-babyeating.gif.
620.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0030-slug-gothduck.gif.
622.jpg. Presumed Gothboy site filename: 0053-slug-nofriends.gif.

A couple of older Strife Strips

A snippet(?) out of... October 2nd, 2005: This Strife reloaded
October 21st, 2006: Shorts - Apogee presents Mist

Later Strife Strips made with the Strip Editor

Two user submitted comics (probably unmodified since then and up to being posted as actual "Strife Strips"):
August 18th, 2007: STOP in the name of Duke
UserComic2_2007-7-22 (GUESSED DETAILS: August 25th, 2007: General Duke)
Another such comic in its original form:
September 29th, 2007: Oh Snap - Tsume
A strip posted by lookatme on a 3D Realms forums thread:
Strip from 3DR by lookatme

Oh, one more thing: If you check out the Strip Editor page, you'd find a couple of original Strips while being edited appearing. Furthermore, if you obtain the Strip Editor source code (yes it's up!), you can find a little amount of comics, possibly not in their "final" states. There are also a couple of backgrounds from the "Strife world" over there, so at least we can see a few more peaks into it!

Strip Editor

Strip Editor - A page about an editor used for the later Strife Strips.

Features - A tribute To Build (selections)

Scott Miller interview
Ken Silverman interview
Bob Averill interview
Exclusive: Polytex, Build version 2.0

Features - A few things done for 100th Strife celebrations (interviews)

Warning: A few links to embedded pics might be broken, as they haven't been found.
Furthermore, what could be saved (most things) are basically interviews (there's one page currently missing).
During week 1: Interview with Sluggy
Week 2: Interview with Todd
Week 3: Interview with Scott

Features - DNF Special

Warning: Actual text is restored, although some images are missing (most important ones might be on the first page).
Introduction about DNF
Todd Replogle speaks about DNF
An exclusive look at DNF

Features - Actual features page

Yep, there is such a thing! Here is a copy of it for some things not covered beforehand.
And... here we go: Features

A few more interviews

Todd Replogle interview, 19th December 2001
Ken Silverman interview, 19th December 2001
Jean-Philip interview, 29th April 2002
Matt Hildred interview, 25th January 2003
An actual list of interviews. It lists the same four interviews, along with the "100th Strife" interviews.

StrifeToons (all of the 4 Flash videos!)

Episode 1 - Pilot episode
Episode 2 - Marine and the DukeBurger outlet (Part 1)
StrifeToons mailbag
Episode 3 - Marine and the DukeBurger outlet (Part 2)

Oh, one more thing: An animation planned to be the opening gag for StrifeToons episode 4. Alright, here we go:
Episode 4, kind of - Pacman Valentine's

Shadowlands - The Animated Series

Alright, these were not originally a part of the Strife sites...possibly with the exception of the unofficial 3rd episode :)
The first two were produced by Ilsoap and (as of April 29th, 2012) may still be watched on the original Shadowlands sites. The 3rd is an unofficial episode coming from Sluggy.
Shadowlands: Episode I - "Leggo My Yego"
Shadowlands: Episode II preview
Shadowlands: Episode II - "The War Is Afoot"
Shadowlands: Unofficial Episode III - "King Lick, Crazy"

A little about Strife Strips

What is this place? - An old description about Strife Strips

Bob Averill's Maps

Bob Averill's Maps - A few maps done by Bob Averill; Three are SP, two more MP, and the other two were made for Strifes (sorry, I think none of these are up at the moment).

Selected comics from Sluggy

sps_20030518_Duke_Millionaire _PART_1
sps_20030524_Duke_Millionaire _PART_2
sps_20030531_Duke_Millionaire _PART_3
sps_20030607_Duke_Millionaire _PART_4
sps_20030614_Duke_Millionaire _PART_5
sps_20030621_Duke_Millionaire _FINALE
05/07/2003 - *
23/08/2003 - *
06/09/2003 - *
15/11/2003 - *

An old "Strife Strips" introduction Flash movie

A page with the movie - Originally posted on thatstrife.com, when strifestrips.com was born. This can be considered the latest update originally done on thatstrife.com.

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